Just tell me what Amazon do well, as i can’t see it in their Site Design

Why is Amazon so popular? Is it that they have a slick interface, clean information about what you want to buy, simple shipping methods and charges?

Look at a product page on Amazon and you might as well as throw the design handbook out of the window. I might as well as get Dave trained in how to make a badly structured 1980′s website. Continue reading

Pandora Jewellery competition script built in php/mysql

Beadazzle.co.uk suggested a competition where their customers could build a box set of 3 Pandora charms and give a title for their creation. from this they would then choose 3 from all the entries and these would then go head to head in faceoff for social likes via facebook. Continue reading

New Drupal 7 site just put live for Apex Recruitment

This site is fully content managed and build on thelatest version of Drupal.

You can see the full site at http://www.apex-recruitment.co.uk/

Improving page loading speed using Lazy Load

On the site www.cainefashion.co.uk site the Mens category page contains 170 images totalling 1.9mb. The full page including html and javascript totalled 2.2mb.

The recent site redesign gives the customer the benefit of large thumbnails but this in turn increased the full page site by 700K. Especially were the page has so many images. To help improve the performance you can include pagination but the site owner really did not want to have this feature, as the click through rate for next page was very low. Continue reading

Redesign of Caine Fashion’s X-Cart site is live

Dave has been working hard over the last couple of months getting Caine Fashions new site design implemented in X-Cart.

New functionality includes homepage slideshow, animated menu’s, New site look and foooter, RSS feed from social networks showing in footer, Larger thumbnail images, new pop up dialogues for size guides and delivery information.

Here are the before and afters:




Continue reading

Ideal number of help pages on your e-commerce site

help pages for an ecommerce siteTypically most e-commerce sites have one shared help page for returns policy, shipping details and terms and conditions. I have just seen the newly redesigned (again) ebuyer.com website and the help section gets in own drop down. They have broken down the help pages into 5 sections and then also a page for contacting them via a form, e-note and forums.

It allows your customer to get an answer  to their query without searching for it, and gives the customer another reason to carry on the buying process.