The windows Killer – Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx is released

Ubuntu Lucid LynxThe latest release of Ubuntu was released recently and I upgraded my Microsoft free laptop to the latest build to see what you get.

At first I was a bit worried about upgrading as I was on version 8, and not version 9 as this for some reason would not install cleanly.

I followed the instructions on the ubuntu website and 1 hour later I had Lucid Lynx installed and working. The first thing that I noticed was the speed of the operating system. I was never happy with this in version 8 as websites heavy in javascript where taking a time to load. But with version 10 the login screen appears in lightning speed, even faster than an iphone at starting up.

The upgrade also fixed the issue of none of my browser except for opera being able to run Flash. But now I can return to my Firefox with web developer toolbar again.

The integration with social networks is also a new feature, with the all in one messaging system from empathy. It allows me to be logged into facebook messenger, yahoo, msn etc all at once.

The biggest change for me was moving the maximise and minimise buttons to the top left just like the mac. Takes a little getting used too.

All in all the latest version of Ubuntu is worth upgrading to and at this rate will not be moving back to Windows soon. Only thing now is that I need filezilla functionality to be the same as the PC version and notepadd++ ported over without using Wine.