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You know which products are selling on your x-cart store but do you know which pages are the most visited?

You Know Which Products Are Selling On Your X-cart Store But Do You Know Which Pages Are The Most Visited?

As a store owner you can see through your online orders which products are selling regularly via Google analytics ecommerce tracking it is pretty easy to see this too.

But its much more difficult to see the viewing stats for products, category pages and static pages individually. As a store owner you are always thinking about conversion but forget to look at customers viewing habits.

In analytics you can goto the behaviour and site content report. But this shows a report of all urls viewed on the site, including cart, search and other non relevant pages. Also it is very difficult to just see products in a report for instance.

An easy method to track this sort of data is to use event tracking. You would create a Event called ‘Page Type View’ for instance and depending on the type of page you would give it an Action of product, category or static. Then the label will be used to track the actual item.

So for example to track a product page load you could use

To implement this in X-Cart 4 you would create a file named ga_event_head.tpl and place this in the skin/{your skin folder}/customer/

Then place the following in this file


Then edit the file skin/{your skin folder}/customer/service_head.tpl and add the following to the end of the file.


You will then start to see event tracking via the realtime monitor and in the event reporting section like so.

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