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Live Sagepay order statuses in X-Cart using the Sagepay API

Live Sagepay Order Statuses In X-Cart Using The Sagepay API

If you use X-Cart with the Sagepay then you may have come across the issue of failed callbacks from Sagepay to your online store. This can happen with any shopping cart and not just X-Cart. It usually occurs when communication between Sagepay and your server is blocked, either when the server is too busy or a network issue.

When this does happen the order in X-Cart will show as ‘not finished’ even though Sagepay have taken the money and the customer is now expecting an order to arrive through the door.

An easy but time consuming method is to count the number of orders everyday in X-Cart and then log into Sagepay and double check the order count.

I have recently put together some code that will show the store owner the live Sagepay statuses for your orders. You will quickly see if a not finished order is complete in sagepay and you can also see the additional security checks that where performed by Sagepay. Post code, address, name, CV2 and 3d secure.

This feature reduces the amount of time wasted having to login to Sagepay to check if you really should ship an order.

If you are interested in this feature for your X-Cart 4 store then contact us

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