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WOW! Add animation to your website easily with wow.js

WOW! Add Animation To Your Website Easily With Wow.js
WOW.js for website animation

I chose this animation because I wanted something that only worked when an element appeared in the ‘viewport’ rather than on click or only once. This way as a user scrolls down the page you can bring attention to certain content. This only works once until a user refreshes or visits another page but that’s fine I think best team management apps.

Now, I don’t like too much whizzy animation and over the top effects but just a little here and there helps to bring a website to life. I also don’t like learning curves very much but this was pretty easy!

Go to and download the zip file which has everything you need. Actually you only need the animation.css file and the wow.min.js files witht he following code in the head of your website page. Obviously you may need to edit the path to the CSS and JS if you put it somewhere else.

new WOW().init();

There’s a whole list of pre set animations but I liked the simple ‘pulse’ and ‘bounce’ while some of the others are a bit much, but hey that’s a decision for you to make!

Give it a go…

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